A Letter to You – 2016 Letter to Fans

In 2016, right after web drama With You aired its last episode, Liu Hao Ran released a hand written letter to his fans. In it, he thanks them for their support and encouragement and shares his thoughts on fan-given gifts.

Because this is a pretty short letter, I also included a translation of a letter that the primary agent at his company posted on Weibo on the very last day of 2016 – the two letters go very well hand in hand with one another. As always when I read something from his company, I’m astounded by how much they truly seem to care about him as a person, and how much they support him. They just really, really get him. It’s just so rare that young actors have such great, understanding management teams – not just in the Chinese entertainment industry, but in all entertainment industries as a whole.

Note: Nuan Yang is the name his fans go by. It literally means Warm Sun, and I’m not sure exactly how they came up with it, but I’m guessing it has do with his bright and sunny image.

(Originally published 6.25.16)

A Letter to You

To Nuan Yang, to those who are watching over me:

Hello. This is the first time I’m using this kind of method to communicate with you. Now that I think about it, letter writing seems a little outdated, so writing this by hand feels a little strange at times (don’t blame me if my handwriting is bad – my words are sincere!).

I want to start by saying thank you. Thank you to Beijing Love Story, to Detective Chinatown, to With You. The time that I spent in these roles, in the light and in the shadows, have made me the person that I am today. Thank you all – whether at it’s dawn or sunset, at the airport or at the filming sites, your enthusiasm, concern, determination, and patience have deeply touched me. You have given me so much strength, and have given me even greater reason to love acting. The me in front of the cameras, the me in real life, and the me that’s constantly placed in your line of sight are all flawed. Thank you for all the letters that you have given me, for your advice and encouragement. Whether it’s on Weibo or in letters, I have read them all and I am open to constructive criticism, because I hope that as you watch over me, I can walk further and further.  

I also want to ask of you, from the bottom of my heart, to not buy me any more gifts. Because I am working myself, I know how hard it is to earn money. Whether you are using your parents’ money, or your own hard-earned salary, please don’t spend it on me. In particular, please don’t buy me any more luxury items! From this letter onward, whether it’s at the airport or at events, I will no longer be accepting any presents, and will only take books and letters. I appreciate your sincerity, and if you truly have extra money, I hope that you join me in donating to the kids who need food, clothing, and the opportunity to attend school. Let’s help give them a better life. Making more positive life decisions is the best present that you can give me!

(He includes an email address for those who have ideas on how to better fund raise for the kids)

Thank you!

And finally, I want to recommend With You (T/N: it makes more sense to use the literal translation of the drama name here – The Best of Us). We’re finally at the end. It’s been three months, and it’s time to say goodbye to Master Yu Huai. The best of us will remain here in the summer of 2016 – may we become a better us going forward. Let’s meet in my next project.

I hope this message finds you well.

– Liu Hao Ran

(Weibo post from 12.31.16 by his company’s primary agent)

When you act, you take on roles, but the life that you live should still be your own!

In the summer of 2016, on a weekend, I accompanied Hao Ran to guest star in Teacher Huang Lei’s “Midnight Diner”. In the lobby of the hotel, there was a piano with the top closed. He acted as if no one was about, and walked over to the piano, opened the lid, and started playing. I can still see it very clearly – how comfortable he looked, how relaxed and happy he was on that day.

The nineteen year old him took a huge leap in his career this year. After Detective Chinatown earned 800 million yuan at the box office during Chinese New Year, he received amazing opportunities and roles, one after another: The Founding of an Army, The Legend of the Demon Cat, and Nirvana in Fire 2: The Winds Blow in Changlin. For the past year, he has buried himself in work, and has gained a lot in projects and roles. But he has less time now for his personal life, and he may never be able to enjoy the same degree of freedom and comfort level that he did before. But gratitude and joy should be the top priority. Thank you to all the people who have supported and loved this young* actor.

*T/N: She uses the Chinese word for small/little instead of young – which feels more personal in a way. It’s basically a way of downplaying what he’s accomplished thus far (being humble) while simultaneously using an affectionate term.

I have a tiny, private New Year’s wish. I hope that Hao Ran can live life the way that he wants to, to live like a regular nineteen year old. I want him to have a group of good friends who he can play basketball and video games with. I want him to have the courage to like someone and enjoy a real and sincere romance. And I hope that just like before, he can continue to be filial, and make time for his family.

The success he has obtained in his career is composed of both luck and his own hard work, but it doesn’t mean that he should lose out on what it means to be a normal person. The slowly maturing him needs to learn how to evaluate situations and make decisions. No matter what he decides, we will support him. Because the roles he takes on are just him acting – he still needs to live his own life!

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