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For Liu Haoran’s 21st birthday, OK! Magazine did a special feature and accompanying cover photoshoot for their weekly issue (second week of October). This was the photoshoot that he went to Japan for back in August (right after he wrapped up filming for Novoland: Eagle Flag) and might be be the last cover (chronologically, I mean – Cosmopolitan came out before this one, but we’re still working on that post) where we see him with long hair.

I’m actually pretty surprised on how much I like this photoshoot – it has a very vintage vibe to it (perhaps because of the hair)? A fashion blogger that I follow on Weibo said that Haoran looked like the young master of a mafia family – in a good way, haha.

(Interview/Q&A here)

OK!: You’ve been in two straight historical dramas – do you have any plans for a modern project next?

LHR: Because I just finished filming Novoland: Eagle Flag, and because I filmed several back to back projects, I’ve felt that all I’ve been doing the last couple of years is filming. So I want to rest for a little while. (Are there any specific roles that you’re interested in?) I’m interested in many different types of roles – it’s just that lately there haven’t been any that have caught my eye, so I’m resting for a bit.

OK!: You spent nine months filming Novoland: Eagle Flag – how did you deal with the downtime?

LHR: This filming period was really long, from Xinjiang to Xiangyang, it took pretty much nine months. It was also pretty intense, so the rest period was relatively few in number, but on set, there is still some downtime. During that time, I finally learned how to use Taobao*,  and spent some time buying stuff. I bought some cakes that I liked, and shared with the staff and other cast members. If we finished filming early that day, we’d all grab a meal and chat.

*(T/N: Chinese eBay, basically, except better because shipping is so fast and you can literally buy anything on it. I love Taobao.)

OK!: When this issue of OK! magazine comes out, it’ll be close to your birthday. Where do you plan on spending it? Who do you plan spending it with?

LHR: I’ll be 21 years old this year. I don’t really celebrate my birthdays, but I’ll probably have a meal with family and friends.

OK!: What birthday wishes do you have?

LHR: I have quite a few small wishes, but if I say it out loud, it won’t come true, haha.

OK!: Netizens always say you and shiba inus look alike – have you ever thought about raising one?

LHR: I honestly really want to. My friends all know I like them, and want to give me one, but I don’t spend a lot of time at home because of filming. Plus, I have a dog that I’ve owned for many years now at home, so for the time being I won’t be able to get a shiba inu.

OK!: Do you have any interesting stories from your trip to Japan this time with OK!?

LHR: Because I (literally) just wrapped up filming for Novoland: Eagle Flag, this trip to Japan is like a small vacation. I spent some time in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kamakura and bought some things that will be useful once school starts, so I’m quite happy.

This photoshoot utilized clothing from the fall/winter lines, and it was quite hot during the days we were shooting, so I was covered with sweat. The staff prepared some ice for me, and by the time we finished the shoot, the ice cubes became ice water that was ready for us to drink.

OK!: To those who want to travel to Japan, where in Japan would you recommend?

LHR: If it’s a short trip, I strongly recommend Kyoto or Kamakura. Both places are quite peaceful. For example, this time in Kyoto, there was one morning where I got up really early for breakfast. As I walked from the hotel to the pedestrian street, it was so quiet, and there were only a few people. People speak very quietly, and it makes you feel very relaxed, like you’re really on vacation.

OK!: Where is the place that you want to go the most?

LHR: I really want to visit Africa, and to be able to see the lions in the grasslands, haha.

OK!: Netizens say that in the winter, you’re always in your Central Academy of Drama coat. How many do you own? Do you wear it for sentimental reasons?

LHR: I only have one. When I’m on set filming I don’t have a lot of time to style myself. Our school coat is really convenient and comfortable, so that’s why I always wear it.

OK!: As the season changes, does your skin react in a particular way? How do you deal with it?

LHR: In general, my skin condition is pretty good. I rarely get pimples and don’t have oily skin, but if I haven’t rested well over a long period of time, I’ll get a breakout. During that time, I’ll watch what I eat and drink.

OK!: What’s been your daily workout routine recently?

LHR: During the few days that I’ve been resting, I’ve been swimming and using equipment. In the afternoon, I’ll go to the gym as well.

OK!: What’s your fashion style on a regular basis?

LHR: I like casual and simple clothing. I think it’s good as long as you’re comfortable.

OK!: How long does it take you to prep and get out the door?

LHR: If I don’t have work, I can leave as soon as I’ve washed my face and dress, so about 5 minutes.

OK!: What are the three items you have to have with you?

LHR: Phone, books, and wallet.

OK!: Are there any items that you’ve been collecting?

LHR: Not anything that I’m consciously collecting, but I have a lot of Legos and Gundam (models) at home.

OK!: What does the perfect day include for you?

LHR: Good food, haha.

OK!: Do you like filming movies or dramas?

LHR: I like both, because the tempos are different, and the feeling is different.

OK!: What is the role you want to challenge the most?

LHR: A role that has a pretty large contrast with myself.

OK!: What are your future work plans?

LHR: Probably attending class, returning to school to recharge.

OK!: If you weren’t an actor, what would you be?

LHR: Photographer or food critic.

OK!: Who are the actresses you want to work with the most?

LHR: I’ve always liked Zhou Xun jie* and Tang Wei jie. If the opportunity arises, I’d like to work with them.

* (T/N: jie = sister in Chinese – like the Chinese equivalent of noona).

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