Compilation of Accounts – Liu Haoran At Military Training

In September 2018, Haoran went back to the Central Academy of Drama for military training, and it was highly buzzed about on Weibo as accounts from the other students came out almost daily.

This post essentially serves as a compilation for all the accounts that have been posted this week by excited students (all run-ins – it doesn’t seem like anyone is actively following him around – not like they have time, anyways. Military training is strict and you’re busy from early in the morning until late at night).

But let’s back up a bit – why did Liu Haoran have to do military training? And with freshmen, no less?

This Wikipedia post will explain it better than I ever could, but two weeks of mandatory military training is required for all college freshmen, regardless of school (a less intense version is required for middle and high school students as well – as you might’ve seen in With You). It’s seen as both a way to build up patriotism and a way for the students to bond.

Usually, you participate in military training in your freshman year – Hu Xianxu and Li Landi, who are incoming freshmen at CAD, are there this year, and Song Zu’er and Wu Lei are currently undergoing their own over at the Beijing Film Academy.

But Haoran was told by doctors in 2015 that it would be best if he avoided strenuous exercise, as he had developed minor heart issues after a killer year (filming of It Takes A Real Man, Detective Chinatown, With You, and prepping for the college entrance exams). The next two years, he was also unable to attend due to filming. Since this is his senior year in college, he pretty much has to make time for it.

There’s been a lot of buzz around his military training this year – it started with leaked photos and accounts from freshmen (both guys and girls), and several large media accounts picked up on it. He’s been on the trending search five times in the past week, which is pretty crazy considering that he’s not even technically active right now.

There’s a lot of fascination with college student Liu Yuan (his real name)! The school has been doing what they can to protect their star student, but the public interest and media attention is still quite high.

People have been calling it Haoran’s “real life campus drama”, and that the accounts we get daily are basically the episode of the day. In fact, as the days pass by, you also see a noticeable progression from the awe of “Oh my gosh it’s Liu Hao Ran!” to respect and admiration for “Upperclassman Liu Yuan”.

September 1, 2018 – Arrival to CAD


This is the conversation that we had with Liu Hao Ran when we purposely sought out the 185cm Liu Yuan upperclassman:

“Liu Hao Ran upperclassman! Can we get a photo with you?”

“I’m sorry, but the teacher was just saying that during military training things are a bit chaotic, so no pictures. I’m so sorry.”

“No worries, we understand.”

“What department are you guys in?”

“Film/television production. We’re in the same group as you.”

“Oh, oh, what time does it start tomorrow?”

“Six o’clock in front of the theater building.”

“Oh, got it.”

“Go to bed early today!”


It took me a long time to get my breathing back to normal.

My shower went to waste.

Liu Hao Ran was so easy to talk with, and down to earth with no arrogance.

Completed my dreams of chasing a star.

Of course, I didn’t get a picture or an autograph hahaha.

September 2, 2018 – Day 1 of Military Training


Liu Haoran is ridiculously good-looking!

He has such good military posture.

So good-looking, so handsome.

I’m so close to him.

I am now a fanboy of Upperclassman.


6am today

I ran into Liu Haoran and greeted him.

Me: Hello, upperclassman.

LHR: Hello. Can I ask – how do I get to the sixth group?

Me: This is the fifth group. So the sixth is behind us.

LHR: Where?

Me: Over there, where those people are (*points*)

LHR: Ah, I see them. Thanks.

Me: No worries.

Omg he’s so good looking. I felt my heart skip a beat.

And he looked so good standing up straight military-style.


Getting up at five o’clock was correct! On my way back to to the dorm just now I ran into Liu Haoran! He is so good looking!


Liu Haoran is standing on my right!! I think this will be our fixed position for the next two weeks!


He’s so thin.

Laughs easily, like a shiba inu!

When we lined up, we happened to face them (the guys).

There was a girl who couldn’t help but giggle.

The instructor asked, “Who are you looking at?”

And we said, “The person in the third row.”

And Liu Haoran got embarrassed hahaha. He turned his face and smiled bashfully.


My roommate has a middle school friend who is a CAD freshman this year.

She’s in the group next to Liu Haoran’s.

She said when they got tired, the instructor would tell them to look at Liu Haoran hahaha.


Instructor: If you guys had spoons in your eyes, you’d probably have scooped away Liu Haoran by now!


Omg, when Liu Haoran stood up to go to the bathroom, he was soooo close to me. I’m documenting this because it’s the closest I’ll probably ever get to Liu Haoran in this life.


My brother’s classmates are the twins who are in the CAD 2018 Production major! They are in the same group as Liu Haoran! They said upperclassman is really nice and chatted with them. So jealous!


Today’s military training…

It basically became LHR’s CAD fanmeeting.

Instructor: “If you guys do well today we’ll go back there to rest later.” (Liu Hao Ran’s group was right behind us.)

“Take a break and look at your upperclassman.”

“Look how straight he’s sitting. Are you guys not ashamed of being sleepy?”

In the afternoon, each group had a demonstration. Never could I have imagined LHR walked in front of our eyes about three times! The last time, we were only a couple of meters ahead. All the girls’ hearts stopped for a brief moment.

In the evening, we sang songs to motivate one another, and all the girls’ eyes were like radars and were trying to coax LHR. He just bowed his head, laughed, and waved his hand.

CAD really is like a big family!


Today was the first day of military training.

And also the first day that I’m at the same school as Liu Haor an ge ge!

He’s so tall and thin, and wore black framed glasses. Without makeup and among the students, he was so incredibly clean looking. He performed the best in all of the tasks we were given. He sat up straight, was focused, serious, like a real soldier!

In the evening when we sang military songs, everyone screamed his name.

He blushed, showed his tiger tooth. I saw his tiger tooth for the first time in person!!

He bowed his head and laughed, and was so youthful!

That was the moment I felt, this is the youth that I like the most.

The one who encouraged me during my yikao, and gave me the confidence and strength to help me chase my dreams.


Liu Haoran is so good looking! When he walked in the dorms in military posture, he was absolutely glowing!


Liu Haoran was really good today. He was diagonal from me, and was more serious than everyone else, and rarely fidgeted.


The incident that caused him to laugh shyly happened near me. But aside from that one moment, he was serious most of the time. He was chatting and laughing with the guys near him.

When a group of girls ran into him in the hallways and got super excited, he was still quite calm. In the evening, we happened to be right behind Liu Haoran’s group and the instructor said, “Liu Hao Ran is right in front of you guys – can’t you sing louder?” Even when he heard his name mentioned, he didn’t turn around and was still serious walking in line.

When we were training, he wouldn’t be bothered by what was going on around him and wouldn’t distract the other students either (every movement he made attracted attention though).

When we were singing, he was laughing with excitement just like a regular college student – well, an outstanding college student hahaha. I’m reminded of how I used him as my motivation to get into CAD during high school. Even though I only occasionally follow his news now, I really chose the right role model! He does things seriously, but doesn’t take it too seriously either, and is good at everything.


On LHR, I want to compliment him. I was pretty close to him during military training, and can tell that he’s very serious and focused. Every movement he made was with 100% effort. He was able to get along very well with the guys around him. He didn’t have the arrogance or show-off attitude that some successful young stars may have. He’s very likable.


I just passed by Liu Haoran! How is he so good looking? It’d be great if my eyes were like a camera, I really wanted to take pics like crazy!

September 3, 2018 – Day 2 of Military Training


It’s really like a drama.

When we were standing in line for lunch outside of the cafeteria, we were all restless because of how hot it was, and our legs were sore. This morning’s training was pretty heavy, and I didn’t have a chance to look over at Liu Yuan ge ge, so I was a little disappointed. So I was silently thinking, “Did he evaporate? Where is he?”

Suddenly a male student ran by us, and there were several waves of girls squealing. I was looking around and saw him as he ran right by me. He had his head down, and was looking downward as well. When training ended, he had put his black framed glasses back on. I was stunned and my hands felt clammy. It felt like all the blood rushed to my head. The students behind me were all shaking my arm, but I couldn’t react. I felt my eyes tear up a little as well.


During military training, when we were training, Liu Haoran played with his military cap. It was so cute, and all the girls were watching him from afar, “Oh, he’s playing with his cap. It’s so cute!”

When we were in the cafeteria eating, every time he walked by, girls would be sighing and giggling. But for me, I’m a coward and am unable to look at him when he’s right in front of me.


The second day of military training.

It was very hot in Beijing today, and stuffy.

Liu Haoran wore a white tee, military pants, and a clean face that didn’t have glasses on.

Under the harsh sun, you could see that his hair was drenched with sweat under his cap and it was stuck to his skin.

Because one of his group mates messed up, they were punished multiple times. He was drenched with sweat, but his eyes had a determined gaze. Really youthful!

When all the groups were exercising, Haoran ge ge was the one who led the calls for his group. In the beginning I didn’t realize it was him. But we heard “One, two, one” explode across the field and we all turned to see the source of the voice. That was when I thought, “Ah, this is the youth that I like.” His voice is loud but not grating, thick but not stuffy. He has the passion of a soldier, yet still has the foundation of an actor.”

I really want to thank Liu Yuan, because he is the reason the great Liu Haoran exists.


Liu Haoran was the one who led the chants for the sixth group. He has so much strength and presence in his voice! Today their group was punished and had to stand longer. The girls were all looking at him, and the guys were excited. Even though we aren’t fans, he really is good looking.


A fun part of military training is being able to see Liu Haoran come out of the cafeteria on the way to the dorms.


Posting this while we’re resting during lunch. Their group ran into some issues so they were punished with extra standing, squats, and pushups. When they had to stand in punishment, the rest of the groups were all sitting, so all the girls were staring at him. Later, he lifted his head and laughed. Could he sense the stares?


LHR ge ge was buying a drink from the vending machine in our dorm building! I quickly glanced over at him but was too embarrassed to say hi. We made eye contact but I was so shy so I lowered my head.


Our scheming instructor:

“Your LHR ge ge is over there in the sixth group. (*points*)

The second one in the third row, and he’s wearing glasses.

Don’t glance over, you won’t be able to see him.

You have to stand in military posture, so you can’t see.

Only I can look at him.”

I feel like our instructor spent more time loooking at LHR in the morning than focusing on us. So we ended up being the last group to eat.


Instructor: “Turn forward!”

Us: ???

“Don’t you see who’s over there?”

We all squinted our eyes and finally realized it was Liu Haoran. But by the time we realized it, he had already passed.

The instructor laughed and said, “Are you guys blind?”


Second day of military training with Haoran upperclassman and I’m now a fan. The real him is even better looking than on TV, and it’s very easy to feel close to him. He really makes us feel that he’s just like a regular student during military training, and will laugh with us and roast one another.

When we are resting, he’ll bite his nails, play with rocks – it’s adorable. During military training, he is very serious. Today’s chant was also led by upperclassman. Even though the sixth group had a very tiring day, we were energetic. Because of school regulations, I don’t have pictures.

Oh, that’s right. People have asked where upperclassman is staying. He has his own room, and the bathrooms are private as well. Don’t worry!


Today was such a blessed day! During military training we had to run laps, and our instructor took us around and we stopped right in front of Liu Haoran’s group! He really is good looking! Wearing his black rimmed glasses, his skin was so pale. I took one glance and then was too shy to keep looking. This afternoon during the lecture, I also sat really near him. I could see him biting his nails hahaha.

He was probably tired since came to military training right from work, so he fell asleep. He had his head lowered, but was woken up by classmates when the instructor passed by. I was able to see him multiple times today, and it was like there was a light surrounding him. In Beijing Love Story, Song Ge said that he can see the light behind people, but Liu Hao Ran really does shine wherever he goes. He’s just like the accomplished class president that you see in youth dramas!


In the morning, when we were on a break, there were two guys (probably in the Beijing Opera or Dance Performance majors) who began a dance battle and were showing off acrobatics. It was amazing and we were all watching. But then, a classmate who was standing up realized you could see Liu Haoran behind them. So more than half of us stood up. On the surface, it looked like we were watching the dance battle but we were actually watching Liu Haoran. Even when they were done battling, we were still excitedly looking at him, smiling like a bunch of fangirls.


Before I saw Liu Haoran in person, I was not this obsessed with him. He is really handsome and shines! Today when he passed by wearing a white t-shirt, everyone around me said that they felt that they saw Yu Huai! My classmates are intense – they can spot Liu Haoran in a crowd from far away. There are even those who can tell it’s him by the back of his head! We still have 12 more days of being able to see him daily!


He’s so much like Yu Huai! He’s seriously sitting there in the uniform listening to the lecture, and will occasionally participate in discussion with classmates. There are no spotlights or cameras here. It’s great. There will probably be no more opportunities to see him in a setting like this in the future.

T/N: Students laid low for Day 3 because CAD wasn’t happy about Haoran’s military training pics spreading online and trending on Weibo for 2 days, hence no accounts. However, they were back to posting the next day lol – they’ve been getting around it by not using his real name as well. A lot of “upperclassman”, “Liu Yuan”, and “someone” have been used as placeholders.

Day 4 & 5 of Military Training


Today, the school once again reminded us that we are not allowed to share pictures or texts. Because LHR was on the trending search, all the instructors were punished (T/N: don’t worry – it’s like extra push-ups or errands and stuff). So we won’t be able to post as much now.


I had originally thought that military training would be full of hardships, but it’s been a lot of fun. A lot of classmates have showed off their individual skills, like opera singing. On the way to dinner, we even bumped into a specific someone. After eating dinner and coming out of the cafeteria, there were groups of girls watching as he walked past. He took his cap off to straighten his hair, but his bangs remained sticking up hahaha.


He gets along well with others. This afternoon, during the emergency medical treatment lecture, he was responsible for bandaging a male classmate. When he was done, the other guy was reluctant to take it off haha.


Today’s journal entry – training is very tough, so after writing this I’m going straight to bed. When we were done with today’s training, we headed towards the supermarket. It’s not very big, so it was very crowded, and my friends were impatient and didn’t want to wait in line, but I was insistent. When it was almost my turn, we suddenly heard someone exclaim, “Liu Haoran! Liu Haoran!”

I was suddenly overcome with excitement, and decided to give up my place in line and ran towards the back, thinking happily that he’ll probably also soon be standing in line.

But there were too many girls present, and he was a little startled, so he lowered his head and left without buying anything.

Me: “&*##$%$$#@”


Whenever girls are staring at him, he’ll turn his head haha. Or if he can’t turn his head, he’ll lower it. When we’re listening to lectures, he’s always biting his nails. He hasn’t been doing a great job with sunscreen, so his neck in particular is quite tanned. I’m so jealous of the male classmates who have the courage to greet him when we’re running laps in the morning.


During the lecture, the film “The Founding of An Army” was brought up, and the lecturer asked if anyone had a role in it. A classmate proudly raised Liu Haoran’s hand, and the entire auditorium broke into applause. Later, the lecturer asked if anyone had ever used a real gun before, and he raised his hand.


During evening training, we saw Liu Haoran resting on the side (probably because he’s so good at drills they didn’t make him do the whole thing). He was hanging out with a bunch of male students and they were competing who could touch the ceiling of the hallway in the theatre. He was laughing and having a lot of fun. He’s such a guy~


Today, the lecturer asked if he could have some volunteers come on stage, and a male student immediately grabbed Liu Haoran’s hand and raised it. He did the Ultraman move with his hands and brought the classmate’s hand down, haha.


His neck is sunburnt, and he skipped dinner today and went straight to the supermarket. In the afternoon during the lecture, the teacher was talking about tax evasion for celebrities. For some reason, everyone looked towards him (because he’s a celebrity), and he looked really uncomfortable. Later on, some people in the Peking Opera department were performing, and he enthusiastically clapped his hands for them. He wore black rimmed glasses, and laughs easily – just like Yu Huai!


Yesterday, there was “someone” who was chosen as a model soldier and as a colour guard, so we were in the same squad today. He was named as our group leader, and it feels like he’s a lot more tanned now. He hasn’t shaved either. Later, after lunch, we’ll gather again to train together!


We were playing games together earlier, and Squad Leader led the activities. He showed us where he’s gotten tanner – his wrist and legs in particular, and his shoulder is also a little hurt (sunburn). Looking forward to Detective Chinatown 3 next year!


In the cafeteria earlier today, I overheard an interesting conversation between a certain fangirl and upperclassman Haoran.

“Hello upperclassman. My best friend likes you a lot. Can you say something to me? I want to make her envious!”

“Em…sure, what do you want me to say?”

“Anything is fine!”

“Then good luck with military training.”

I feel bad for that friend… Our upperclassman hahahaha.


I was accompanying my roommate to retrieve some money and ran into Liu Yuan upperclassman in front of the cafeteria! We were joking about how we might accidentally run into him, and it actually happened! He is really good looking in person – and he laughed! He’s so handsome when he laughs.


Upperclassman is so serious. During training, a lot of students will easily complain that they’re tired and go rest, but he’s never been seen in the medical tent. He always has such good posture and stands up straight. When he’s in a crowd, he’s very quiet and low-key. When underclassmen greet him, he’ll always politely return, “Hello.” Being able to see him every day during training is so great!

Day 6 & 7 of Military Training

T/N – These accounts are a little bit more in depth than the ones before, so I wanted to give some context on why some of these students – guys and girls – seem so overcome with emotion about the school, and why they’re proud of LHR. The Central Academy of Drama is known as one of the “Big 3” performing arts colleges in China. It has a deeply rooted history and has alumni that are some of C-ent’s most powerful and influential figures.

So it is incredibly difficult to get in, no matter what major you apply for. For each of these freshmen, just being there is already a surreal experience. They worked so hard for their yi kao and gao kao just in order to get there. So they take a lot of pride in being CAD students.

Most of these accounts don’t come from fans – but the ones who are fans have stated that Liu Haoran was a huge influence on them getting into CAD. Not because they worked to get there under the delusion that they might be able to meet him, but because they have dreams of being an actor, or a director, or a producer.

Liu Haoran’s college entrance exams story is pretty well known, especially among younger students – everyone knows that he took the gao kao/yi kao while juggling It Takes A Real Man – which isn’t just any other reality show; it has a special meaning because it’s about representing your country in the military – and filming Detective Chinatown. That’s why a lot of them have said that they were encouraged by his story, and worked twice as hard because he inspired them.

Liu Hao Ran has an extremely positive image with the Chinese public. A couple of government-sponsored youth accounts posted about him today. Back in June during the gao kao, The People’s Daily (the official state-sponsored newspaper of China and the largest by far) listed him and Wang Junkai alongside well known scientists and entrepreneurs (I know!) as people to look up to when thinking about why the gao kao is important.

It’s also why a lot of people are tuning in to these everyday accounts of him being in military training (and why the students keep posting them). It’s not because people think he’s perfect or whatnot – but because he is the image of what people think youth should be like – both the serious, passionate side, and the playful, mischievous side. And it just so happens that he’s a celebrity.


Liu Yuan has been named as the captain for the model soldier group. He’s also a flag bearer. Yesterday, he was excitedly chatting with the Instructor about various guns that he’s used before, and how he’s worked with tanks before. When he sees people slacking off and being lazy with their movements during drills, he’ll immediately imitate them – he’s so mischievous! When we’re taking breaks, he’s still really hyper and won’t be able to sit still. To summarize – he’s just someone who is really playful, but also serious and good at everything. When I see him waving the CAD flag, I’m suddenly filled with pride.


This morning, Brother Yuan has started flag bearing training. He has to walk around the entire field. Before, it was hard to spot him because of how many people there are here, but now because he’s carrying the giant red flag, no matter where he goes, girls are staring. You could hear people exclaiming, “The flag is over there! Look, it’s Liu Haoran!” all over the place. Later, we were resting in the shade, but in the corner, we could still see him carrying the giant flag and continuing to train. He’s so studious!


When we were resting just now, Squad Leader was still holding the flag and practicing. Everyday, he bears the flag and stands among a bunch of speakers that are blaring the national anthem. He seems to really like snacks – there’s a saying that’s quickly passing through the school: if you want to run into him, you just have to go to the school’s mini market. 8 times out of 10, you’ll see him there. He must really like snacks!


During lunch, I asked Squad Leader what time we should be meeting in the afternoon and accidentally misspoke (about the time), “Are we meeting at 3:35?” He and the other students were incredulous and said in unison, “3:35? Have you lost your mind?” Hahaha.


Squad Leader reminded us girls today that when we ride Didi*, we must be careful. He also shared some fun stories from his class. So everyone, stay safe!

*(T/N: The Chinese version of Uber – recently, there’s been two high profile murder cases that have happened to female passengers)


This morning, during one session, his group was training not far from me. On one hand, I was full of admiration for how handsome he looked as the flag bearer, but I was also super envious of the two girls who were color guards and walked at his side. Oh, and during lunch, we had to gather in front of the cafeteria building and sing military songs, and once again his group was next to mine. Liu Yuan was leading his group in singing, but I don’t think it’s entirely his fault that they were out of tune!


This morning, when the Instructor blew his whistle, it was hard to hear what he was saying. LHR stood up and asked, “Is it time to eat?” We all started laughing – his eyes were shining with happiness.


Ahhh – I saw Liu Haoran playing basketball! When he shot the basket, it was so cool looking! And he greeted me back when I said, “Hello upperclassman.” Ahhh~


I happened to run into a basketball playing Liu Haoran. When he was shooting the basketball, he laughed, and his tiger tooth peeked out – it’s Yu Huai!


I have to say that Liu Haoran is amazing. This afternoon, some upperclassmen who are now in the military came to speak to us. He was so tired, and his head was nodding for a bit, but every time he was about to fall asleep, he’d hit himself on the leg to energize himself; so that he could give the utmost respect to the upperclassmen who are now serving our country. (Maybe you will say I’m exaggerating but before, if he’s sleepy, he’ll just let himself sleep. Today, he kept himself awake the whole time.)


These last couple of days, I haven’t really paid much attention to him. Because I’ve discovered that he considers himself to be a normal CAD student, so I don’t want my reactions to make him feel like he’s different from us. I’ve also developed a feeling of envy towards him – really, I’m envious.


I can’t hold back! In the theatre just now, the students from each major started to compete in singing the school’s anthem, and later the acting/directing majors and musical major students really started going at it. They stood up and started singing acapella towards one another.

In the beginning, Liu Haoran ge ge didn’t stand up, but towards the latter half, it was like he was ignited by the competition and got hyped, and he suddenly stood up. The room went nuts and the energy was electric! He wasn’t sitting in the same area as the directing/performance majors, so when you looked over at the sea of people, only he was proudly standing up straight. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I teared up a little in that moment. I’m so proud of CAD, and proud that we have such an accomplished upperclassman!


(Text to a friend)

I’m crying – as of this afternoon my life is now complete. This is what happened – it doesn’t really have anything to do with me, but it was so touching. We were in the theater singing the school’s anthem. In the beginning, we were all singing together, and he was sitting there seriously singing along and nodding his head.

Later, the students in the musical major and the students in the performance (acting) major started to battle this song, to see who could sing it better. The acting department was up first, and it was a little awkward. They didn’t sing it very well, and it was all guys. Later, some of the girls stood up as well to sing with them.

At this moment, our Haoran upperclassman, who was sitting in the back, suddenly stood up, with his hands on his hip and head held high. He was supporting his underclassmen and began to loudly and powerfully sing the school song. He just suddenly stood up! Are we filming a drama here? How can he have such a youthful energy? How can he be so spirited?

He sang the lyrics about “In China there’s a central headquarters, where the stars are shining bright.” He really is the perfect example of a star shining bright. He was so into it, and more importantly, he hasn’t shaved, so he looked like just a regular college student. But still so awesome.


During the lecture period, some upperclassmen who are now in the military were invited on stage. During the Q&A, a classmate complained about how bad the military training food was, and everyone cheered. Liu Yuan ge ge was super excited – he had both of his arms raised high and was clapping, like a 185cm giant baby. You can tell Hao Ran’s had pent up feelings about the food at CAD for quite a while now hahahaha.

How do I say this…the last couple of days when I see Liu Yuan I don’t feel quite as excited as I did previously. It’s probably because before, he was an idol, a celebrity to me, but now he’s an upperclassman who is quite approachable. I’ve become used to being able to see him in all corners of the school, and when I run into him, I’ll very naturally greet him, and he’ll smile back at me. Liu Yuan once said that here at school is where he doesn’t need to put up barriers.

So my hope is whether it’s my classmates, or upperclassmen – please don’t use your cellphones to take pictures of him every time you run into him. I really worry that he won’t feel at ease. I hope that we can treat him like a regular student.

There were a lot of interesting things that happened today. There was a guy who was performing military-style boxing in his group, and Liu Yuan was watching in a corner, quietly copying his movements. It actually looked quite impressive!


There’s a lot of good looking guys this year, but Liu Haoran just really stands out. It’s not because he’s a celebrity – it’s hard to describe, but he has a quality that just makes him really attractive, and it appeals to a lot of people (both guys and girls). Here at school, he hasn’t really done anything or said anything special.

He also hasn’t tried to be a role model, but he’s just naturally accomplished and successful (T/N: I need to get around to subbing Give Me Five because you will see what she means – he’s just naturally good at everything but he’s still so normal). It’s very realistic and fresh. He’s good at being strict during drills and training, but he also joins us in laughing and roasting the school cafeteria for their food. It’s not fake at all. It’s so rare to see this.


There’s a saying here at CAD – before you perform, first learn how to be a good person. I’m still new here, so if I say that I love it, it might sound a bit fake. But what I want to say is, today after training, when we were on the way back to the dorms and the sunset created a beautiful colored sky, I was suddenly overwhelmed and thought, “This beautiful place is my school.” I feel really happy. I don’t want anything to taint it.

So I can’t help but feel in awe of Liu Haoran. In his eyes, you can’t find even a hint of the impatience and reckless ambition of the entertainment industry. It’s still full of energy, still clean. He’s an upperclassmen who will continue to inspire incoming freshmen every year, and we will continue to be incredibly proud of him.

So for the rest of us, who are still so far from success, from making it, will we be able to stay humble, studious, and continue to work hard? Not all of us have the talent and luck to be able to be so successful, but for each and every one of us enrolled here…we can – and must – strive to be good people first.

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