On this page, you will primarily find videos that cannot be hosted on YouTube due to copyright (CCTV, etc.).

What has already been subbed can be found on the current Youtube channel, and previous vids here. Shoutout and thank you to everyone who has given a helping hand, whether it was with subbing or with translations or embedding or re-uploading.

You can also find Haoran’s mini-webdrama Twin Dragons here (thanks to @XiaoPingJing on Twitter for re-uploading).


Nation’s Greatest Treasure cut (intro + stage perf + ending) – Haoran gained a lot of praise for this performance and it was shared by many big official accounts at the time, including CCTV news!

(T/N: To this day, this is probably one of the videos I’m most proud of as a translator – it was incredibly hard. A huge thank you to G for spending two/three hours to help me figure out some of these translations and for being my sounding board)